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Productivity Software

The ultimate goal of any project management or collaboration software is to help improve a team’s productivity. By combining the traditional project management tools with collaboration features in one application, Binfire has created a powerful productivity application for both traditional and distributed (virtual) teams called work management software. There is no need for email, spreadsheets and power point presentations any more. Binfire includes all tools a team needs for communication, collaboration and brainstorming plus fantastic task management software which can accommodate any project large or small, simple or complicated. Binfire supports Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid project management methods. So regardless of the methodology you use, Binfire is the solution to help your team to be more productive. Productivity software is the intersection of best project management software with great collaboration tools. In Binfire you can view PDF and Image files online. You can collaborate on these documents using the markup tool embedded in the application. You can communicate, collaborate and have brainstorming session using, message board, group chat and interactive whiteboard. The task management tool not only supports subtasks, dependencies, tags, comments, multiple assignments, it also includes am interactive Gantt chart which is second to none.

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