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Sample project

When you login to Binfire for the first time, you will notice there are tasks from a project called Sample project present in the Kanban section of your personal dashboard. To help you to get familiar with the application, we insert a small sample project in your workspace. This project has a number of tasks and bugs in it. Feel free to experiment and change things in this project. In Kanban, you move tasks from one state to another as you work on those tasks. The board is divided into a five lists which are mentioned below:

  • Backlog- Tasks they you may work in the future, but only if time allows
  • Open tasks- These are tasks you need to work on them when your current tasks are done
  • Working on- These are tasks that you are working now
  • Waiting for approval- These are tasks that you have finished, but somebody needs to verify.
  • Done- Tasks that are finished and verified.

The idea here is simple. All projects have tasks at different stages of progress. When you start the projects all tasks are in the open tasks or backlog list. As you work on tasks and finish them, they move to Working On and eventually to the “Done” list. The Kanban board visually shows the state of tasks and helps you manage their progress to the final destination (Done list) during the project life cycle. Feel free to add tasks, remove or modify existing tasks and delete this project when you are done. If you want to use this project for your work, you can rename it to any name you want. You can use this project as a template for new projects. We will cover using existing projects as a template for new ones in other pages in this guide.

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