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Hybrid project management software

Hybrid project management methodology is a new project management approach which combines agile method with traditional methods like waterfall. In hybrid project management method the requirements and design are worked out in detail at the beginning of the project, then the design is divided into small development phases called sprint. So at the beginning Hybrid method used tools found in waterfall method. When design is completed, the process shifts to agile method. This way the project benefits from strength of both approaches.

The task manager supports hybrid project management method completely. In fact from very beginning Binfire was designed to be used by our team as a tool for managing projects using hybrid method. The task manager supports everything needed in ant task management method including waterfall method. The Kanban in the dashboard support agile method. The combination of these two methods is the most effective way for managing projects small or large and the results are nothing less than breathtaking. Give Hybrid project management method a try. It is the hot trend in the project management for the past ten years. The learning curve for those familiar with waterfall and or agile is very short. If you are not familiar with this method check our blog Collaboration Corner. We cover this topic extensively. If you still have questions, contact us at One of our project managers including our founder David R. Robins who is a pioneer in Hybrid project management methodology will answer your questions.

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