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Welcome to project management software

When you login for the first time in Binfire, you enter a welcome page which helps you to setup your project and get familiar with the application. If you are an experienced user you can leave this page and move to the dashboard page. Binfire provides two different welcome pages depending on if you signup for an account yourself or if you were invited to collaborate on someone else’s project. The difference in the two dashboards is due to the fact that in the second case the user already has a project and does not need to setup a new project. Please take time to view the videos in the welcome page. They help you get familiar with the application. Upload your profile picture so your teammates can recognize easily when you take an action in the in the project, since most actions are recorded and your avatar or profile picture is displayed next to them, this helps group collaboration. You can also select your time zone. Please notice once your leave the welcome page, you will be directed to dashboard every time to login. To view the welcome page anytime copy & paste this URL to your browser while you have logged in to your account.

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