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Project Structure in Binfire

When you select a project from the left control bar you are taken to section in the application which displays all pages in the project. The only way to leave this project is to use the left control bar. Each project has its own ten pages as listed here:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Project files
  3. Task page
  4. Gantt chart
  5. Resource loading
  6. Bug tracking
  7. Message board
  8. Resource loading
  9. Whiteboard
  10. Activity Stream
  11. Control panel

Please note that pages for each project are totally independent of pages in the other projects. Only members of a project have access to the project pages. In fact if a user is not a member in a project, he can’t see the project name in the left column control bar. The only exception is the workspace owner or admin which have access to all projects in the workspace.

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