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Binfire is the easiest way to get things done. Use Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid project management methods.


Binfire is trusted by leading companies

Remote teams on five continents use Binfire to get things done

Why use several tools like email, to-do lists, message boards and chat to manage your remote teams? You need a place to have everything in your project organized and accessible. Nothing is lost, forgotten or overlooked. Have everybody in your team work from one great virtual office.

Remote Teams

Binfire brings you everything you need to plan, track and manage your remote projects. Project Collaboration is seamless and your team is always updated to the latest changes and new tasks.

Allon Mason, CEO of

My entire team works virtually. We would never have the budget to fly everyone in for a meeting. We open a single interactive whiteboard for each brainstorming idea & then leave it in use until the end of a project.

Allon Mason, CEO of

Creative teams from London to NYC rely on Binfire

You need to know what your team is working on in real-time. Binfire offers all the tools you need to manage your team, plan and track your projects, create reports and check team’s performance in real time. Interactive Gantt, Kanban boards and resource balance tools help you to be in control of your projects.

Marketing & Creative Teams

We listened to marketing teams and creative agencies on what they need to manage their projects. We provide everything from interactive Gantt to project templates so you can concentrate on creating awesome work.

Dan Malowany, Project Manager

Document version control can be a real nightmare for project managers. I love that all project documentation is one place that can be accessed and updated by any team member at any time.

Dan Malowany, Project Manager

More startups use Binfire than any other project management tool

As a startup you don’t have a minute to waste. You need tools that help you get the job done with minimum effort and learning curve. You need one place for everything that happens in your projects. From planning and tracking projects, to managing your documents and team’s communication, Binfire gives you all.


Startups need to be agile and react to changes fast. Binfire provides Agile methods using Kanban boards, message boards and team communication to make sure everybody in your team knows all they need know to achieve more.

Richard Luck, Project Manager

Instead of wading through endless emails, I spend two minutes reviewing the Project Dashboard and get a complete snapshot of what's working and where I need to put out fires.

Richard Luck, Project Manager

Awesome development teams use Binfire to develop products

Complex projects need special tools to help the team to plan, track and finish projects on time. Everything you need to complete projects on time is found in one place. Use tools like Interactive Gantt, burn-down chart, resource loading and advance task management software to bring your product to the market fast!

Product development teams

Engineering and product development teams work on complex and multi-disciplinary projects. These teams need all the advance tools Binfire provides to make awesome products and services.

Tzvi Shahar, CEO of Givun

Binfire has really nailed it with Task Management! Allowing each team member to update their own project status takes all the busy work off my plate and frees up my time for actual project management.

Tzvi Shahar, CEO of Givun

Contractors & Construction teams organize their work using Binfire

From solar energy to home improvement, construction teams use Binfire to deliver Awesome work for their clients. Contractors need the right tools to plan, coordinate and monitor work done in multiple locations. Binfire brings all the tools needed to manage and collaborate with your diverse teams.


Team leaders use Binfire to maximize productivity. They plan, manage, coordinate and track projects using one tool designed for this type of work environment. Every member of the project knows what to do and how to do it at any moment.

Daniel Wyler, Project Manager

I've used Gantt charts for many years and I get how powerful they are for any project manager. But Binfire has taken Gantt to the next level by integrating Gantt so tightly with Task Management.

Daniel Wyler, Project Manager
Binfire Usage

Perfect for Traditional and Remote teams

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