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Waterfall project management software

Waterfall project management method is a sequential process used in many industries. In fact most heavy projects in construction, manufacturing and defense related software engineering use this method. The term waterfall is used since the process is like flowing downward from one phase to another. As an example, requirements are worked out first, then when that is finished, design starts. When design is finished, the implementation starts and so forth. The advantage of waterfall is that all aspects of the product and its implementation are thoroughly thought out. So if all goes according the plan, the process will be most efficient. The shortcoming with water fall is that, project rarely go according to plan. Things change, the market changes, the customer changes its mind and more.

Binfire’s task manager supports Waterfall methodology. The basic element of waterfall method is the work breakdown structure or WBS which is fully supported by task manager. Subtasks to 6 levels are supported and task could have dependencies.

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