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Manage teams in workspace (Portfolio)

You can add members to your workspace (Portfolio) by pressing the ‘manage team’ button on the top of the manage workspace page. Binfire users email addresses for verifying all users. To add members click on invite members button and type the email address of people you want to add. Press Send, to email them an invitation. The form for adding new team mates also lets you select the project you want each member to join. You can select any number of members in your portfolio to be the admin for your account. This allows others to manage the projects for you. Notice if you exceed you plan’s number of users, the application informs you that you can’t add new members. Please upgrade to increase the number of members allowed in your workspace. In the manage team page you can add a member to just one project. To add them to more projects user the project control panel.

To go back to “Manage workspace” page; click on the “Back to workspace” button. To go to any other page, click on the left navigational bar.

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