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Virtual Office

Binfire has created an optimal virtual office for both traditional and distributed teams! Even people, who work in the same office, are not in the office all the time at the same time. Virtual teams benefit most from the collaboration features in the application. These workers travel a lot, they work from home and in many cases their colleagues or clients are not in the same location as they are. We currently have many elements needed in creating a great virtual office environment. These features include:

  • Message board
  • Group Chat
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Document collaboration using document markup
  • Instant notification
  • Internal messaging
  • Commenting with ability to attach files

In the future we will plan to add or integrate using third party software the following features:

  • Voice
  • Video
  • Instant messaging
  • Stand alone native apps for communication and collaboration

Virtual office helps teams to communicate and collaborate better and more frequently when they are not in the same location or while they are traveling.

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