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Document Collaboration

You can collaborate on PDF documents and image files online using the application’s unique markup tool. Currently we support PDF file formats and image files but in the future we will support Word, Excel and Power Point type documents. You can collaborate on documents that are uploaded to your project folder. To start collaboration, click on any PDF or image file and ask your team to do the same thing at the same time. The document opens online is a new browse. Use of Binfire Chat or Skype will enhance the collaboration while you are marking up documents. When the file is opened on your browser, click on the collaborate switch on top right of the page. This makes it possible to collaborate with members of your team. You can draw, write or mark over the existing text in the document. As you do that anybody else who has the document opened and has turned the collaborate switch one will see actions and changes you make on the whiteboard. Your team members can also write or draw on the document which will be visible to everybody who has opened the document. This creates a truly collaborative work environment for brainstorming and sharing ideas. The markup tool runs on any device and browser.

Please note the controls for markup tool and the interactive whiteboard are the same. Everything you can do in the whiteboard you can do on document which you are collaborating. Also note, the markup is a separate layer on top of the document saved in the cloud. The actual file is not altered. You always have access to the file with no markup. To download the marked up document, use download in the markup tool browser. Click on file button on top of the page and select download. An image file with all your changes is downloaded into your computer.

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