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To open a trail account; find the signup form on top of the home page and fill it up. Please note you need a valid email to open an account in Binfire. After sign up, the applications send you a conformation email which you need to open and act upon before being able to log in. The trial version is limited to 2 projects and 3 members. It last for one month. If you need a plan with more projects and members for the trial, please contact

To open a paid account, click on the Pricing & Sign Up tab at the top of the homepage (picture below) and select the plan that fits your requirements. Binfire offers several plans to fit your budget & requirements:

We offer several plans to match your needs. For small project teams of up to six people, the basic plan is all you need. For larger teams you can choose the Pro plan with 12 members or biz plan for up to 30 members all the way up to Enterprise plan with 300 members. When you have special requirements, let us know and we’ll make a custom plan just for you. To try the software before you commit we also offer a free trial plan which is limited to adding 2 members and creating 2 projects & is active for a month.

After selecting your plan, a form opens which lets you enter your name, email address and select a password. Please use a valid email address to sign up for an account, because we send a confirmation email to verify the email. If you have selected one of the premium plans, you are taken to PayPal's website for secure payment. When you finish the payment, your account is set up and you can log in into your account. When you choose a free plan, we will send you a confirmation email to activate your account. Notice that without a valid email you can't complete your registration for free plans. When you get your confirmation email, click on the link we have sent you. Please notice that if you are invited to join Binfire by another Binfire member, after you click on the link in the email, a form opens in which you need to enter your first name, your last name, select a password and confirm the password. After you enter the required information in the form, press login and you will enter Binfire. If you have trouble signing in, contact

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