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Post a message in message board

The best kept secret in Binfire is the native message board. Each project has its own message boards. You can create as many boards or room for each project and add the entire team or subset number of the team to each board. The idea here is to create a message board for each topic in the project. If you think Slack is a good tool, the message board in Binfire is much better. The reason is simple; the message board is part of your project. There is no need to integrate a third party tool with your project management application. The message board has access to all files you have in your project, including Google drive and Dropbox files.

To post your first message, just go to the Message board page in your project, type the message you want in the message box on top of the page and click on Post message button. You can add comments and attach files to messages too. We cover the message board in great detail in the following pages in this guide.

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