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Work Management Software

Project management software is good, but work management is much better. A project is not only tasks and assignments. It is the conversations held during project life cycle. It is the back and forth between stakeholders on requirements, functionality and execution. It is who did what when? So work management software has all elements of project management software plus robust communication and collaboration tools. Binfire is the only truly work management software in the market today.

What constitute good work management software? In the following we have listed all features and functionality needed in work management software:

  • Task management with subtask and dependencies, supporting Agile, waterfall and Hybrid
  • Interactive Gantt chart
  • Bug tracking
  • Resource loading
  • Powerful dashboard
  • Project statistics
  • Communication tools like chat, internal messaging and message board
  • Collaboration tools like interactive whiteboard and document markup
  • Commenting on tasks, files and messages
  • Social tools like follow and tag
  • Project analytics
  • Ability to assign different permissions and user categories

The user can drag tasks from one list to another. If you don’t use a list, you can hide it in the UI. In the future we enable users to change the name of the lists and create new lists if needed.

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