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Invite Members to your workspace

Your workspace holds all your projects, rules you setup for your projects and members you add to all your projects. To add members to your workspace, click on the manage workspace in the left navigational column and then click on manage team on top of the page. Here you can invite members by their email. A project is assigned while you invite members, but you can add these members to other projects any time if you would like. By default the application assigns all new members as manager (full rights), but you can select other options. Later we will show you how to create member roles in the Control Panel. When you invite people, an email is sent to them to confirm their email address. When they do confirm, they are added to your workspace as a team member. When you reach the limit of members in you plan and try to add members, you are asked to upgrade your account.

We plan to add email integration to the application in the near future. When done, you will be able to bring your contacts from your email account and add them to the project.

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