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S.M.A.R.T Resource management software

Binfire Resource Loading helps improve the allocation of resources to a project based on tasks assigned to users. With Resource Loading, a project manager does not have to calculate the number of hours that are assigned to each team member because the system does this automatically. Resource Loading is fully integrated into Task Management and is updated in real time.

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Resource Management Software Features & Functionalities

Binfire Resource management software

All-in-One Dashboard

This tool eliminates the need to manually calculate the individual team member's time allocation for each single task in one project and for all projects in the workspace. Instead, all the information is made available on one screen to all project managers with Binfire access.

Task Management Integration

When changes are made to the individual's resource allocation to a particular task in the Task Managment tool, the Resource Management Software tool is automatically updated with the new information.

Enables Resource Balancing

By providing a snapshot of where resources are allocated, the project manager can easily identify resource excesses or shortages and easily re-allocate tasks in order to achieve balance.

S.M.A.R.T. Resource Loading

Elliot Cohen, CEO, Coworking Israel

Before I used Binfire, figuring out the hours and days allocated per task for each team member used to be a laborious and time consuming job. Now this takes no extra effort since every change made to a task automatically updates the Resource Loading view.

Elliot Cohen, CEO, Coworking Israel