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Content management software

Projects are not only tasks or milestones, but documents created throughout the life cycle of the project, like specification, design guidelines & user guides. While working on projects teams create and maintain hundreds if not thousands and documents. It does not make to have separate document depository and management system and a project management system. Binfire includes a complete suite of content management tools like file upload, file version, file luck and file collaboration features. Each project has its own secure folder which documents could be uploaded and shared. The system automatically keeps all versions of each file which could be accessed by any team member at anytime.

If you manage large projects or small ones, if your team is local or located in several locations, Binfire has all you need to manage your projects and your content. Try Binfire for free and see for yourself what Binfire can do for you & your team.

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Content Management

In addition to its internal file system, Binfire is integrated with both Google drive and DropBox. So you can attach files you have in those services to tasks you maintain in Binfire.