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Gantt Chart Software

Gantt chart is one of the best tools for tracking and managing tasks in projects. It is the only tool which can show the status of the project and each task in the project in one simple graph. Binfire’s interactive Gantt chart enables teams to track, manage and collaborate on tasks 24/7. Any change in the task page or Gantt chart is instantly visible to all team members regardless of their location. The user can change tasks using drag and drop in the Gantt chart, change duration, record task completion and add dependencies. The Gantt chart could be downloaded as a PDF file and taken to project status meetings as a visual reporting tool.

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Features & Functionalities

Gantt Chart Software - Binfire

Integration into Task Management

Even if this is the first time using Gantt chart software, the easy drag-and-drop feature allows users to change dates or create dependencies with just a click. Now that the Gantt chart is integrated into Task Management, any change made to a start date or end date will automatically update the task list.

Project at-a-Glance

The Gantt provides a visual and complete picture of project progress to any manager, team member, vendor or partner with software access. Any change made by a team member to the Gantt chart will update the task list and chart itself in real time.

Team member Responsible for Updates

The Binfire Gantt Chart software brings collaboration to Project Management. Instead of the Project Manager coordinating the progress of each task, now the individual team member is authorized to update their own workstream and milestones. No more bottlenecks or duplicative efforts!

S.M.A.R.T. Gantt Chart

Daniel Wyler, Project Manager

I've used Gantt charts for many years and I get how powerful they are for any project manager. But Binfire has taken Gantt to the next level by integrating Gantt so tightly with Task Management.

Daniel Wyler, Project Manager