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Agile project management software

Binfire project dashboard is a fully functional Kanban board for managing and tracking tasks. You can create tasks, track tasks and manage tasks by changing their status using simple drag and drop action. The Kanban board is a great tool for teams using Agile project management methodology. It supports five lists and the users can choose to use all lists or only the ones they need.

In addition to the Kanban board, all project and individual statistics are displayed at the bottom of the page. These statistics are updated in real time and reflect the real status of the project and the progress of each team member.

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Agile Project Management Software

Visualization of Project Progress

A powerful tool that graphically depicts the progress of a task throughout the project lifecycle. A critical component of out Agile Project Management Software.

Critical Project Statistics

Binfire Project Dashboard automatically calculates the project statistics for effort versus time left and effort versus total time, thereby giving a snapshot of the project and individual status.

Drag and Click Feature

In real-time, you can change the status of the task you are working on, by dragging it from "open tasks" to "working on" board. When the task is complete, you move the task from "working on" to "completed" board. Everybody on the team gets updated in real-time about the status of each task in the project.

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Allon Mason, CEO of

Instead of wading through endless emails, I spend two minutes reviewing the Project Dashboard and get a complete snapshot of what's working and where I need to put out fires.

Richard Luck, Project Manager