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Online Project Management Software


This document is a catalog of all articles we have written about online project management software on our blog, the Collaboration Corner over the past few years.
Project management software is gaining wide acceptance in many industries now. Hundreds of vendors offer project management software with varying degree of Functionality, Ease of use, and proper project management principles.
To help our customers and reader gain a better understanding of project management principles and tools that serve their needs, we regularly publish articles about this important subject in our blog.
We will be updating this document from time to time to add new posts on the subject of project management software as we publish them in the Collaboration Corner.

Project Management Software

In this article, we have covered the state of project management in 2018. This is a fact that more companies are offering project management and collaboration applications every day. In addition, the existing companies in this space constantly add more features to their application. We have put a guide that helps you better understand the requirements of a good PM tool. I personally feel strongly a better name for this type of application is work management. It is not just tasks, dues dates and assignments. The new tools provide communication and collaboration features plus tools to track and measure the project’s progress.

Best Online project management software

To decide which online project management application is the right one for your needs; you need to compare them apple to apple. We have made the job easier for you by comparing the most popular PM applications in the market today. Just remember that one solution does not fit all needs. If your friend has had great success with a tool, ask yourself is my work and the way my team works is similar to my friend’s job environment? If the answer is no, then keep looking for what is best for your projects.
Online project management tools

Free project management software for students

We at Binfire strongly feel that the educational institutions and students of higher learning need our help and support. For this reason, we are offering free plans to universities and colleges. Thee institutions can use our software to manage work and their internal projects. The students can use our software to help them study and organize they work in small groups. We encourage instructors to use Binfire as a tool to help organize the class work and teach students how to manage their work efficiently.

Free project management software for nonprofits

Like educational institutions, Binfire support nonprofits which help our communities and people in need. We can’t think of any other organization or cause more worthy of our support. The services these organizations provide are invaluable. For this reason, we offer free plans or heavily reduced prices for nonprofits who need project management application to manage their work.

Free project management software for startups

The life in a startup is really hard. Every day there is numerous challenges and money is really tight. We are a startup ourselves and we understand what you are going through. To help our comrades in arms, we offer the startups free plans or heavily reduced rates. This is our contribution to the startup community. As a startup, you can use our software to plan, manage and track your work for free. We feel if you are successful, we have also achieved our goals.

Project management software for web development

A good share of Binfire’s customers base is the web development companies. The application has the best features needed by web developers to plan, execute and track their projects. Since many web developers have remote teams working with them, the collaboration features in the application can greatly help to keep everyone on the same page.
You can check here for more information.
Project management applications

Project Portfolio Management

If you managing more than one project then the project portfolio management tools in Binfire come handy. The application lets you view the status of all projects in one simple graphical view. In addition, moving or copying tasks from one project to another is a simple one-click operation. If you need project templates for projects that happen periodically, that is provided too.
To learn more click here.

10 Myths about project management tools

There is a lot of misinformation about project management software out there. Vendors make promises they can’t meet and every day there is a new favorite method for doing this. In this article, we have covered the 10 biggest myths about this subject. Don’t believe the lies some vendors tell you. The software can help you to do a better job but does not replace project management know-how and common sense.

A guide to the best project management software

Is there one project management tool that fits everybody’s requirement? The short answer is a resounding no! Every project and team is different. A project management tool that fits perfectly one project’s requirements may not be suitable for another project. The type of project, the composition of the team and their experience using PM tool and the methodology the team wants to use to manage projects; all have a huge effect on what project management tool you select.

Project management excellence award

The finance online publication, a well known and respected review sites, awarded Binfire as the best online project management software in the industry. Binfire was cited for excellent functionality and ease of use for both experienced and novice project managers. Binfire tools have been used in educational institutions like University of Southern California (USC, Marshall School of management) to teach project management principles to graduate students.
Best project management software

Project Management software to the rescue

The benefits of using tools like project management software are well known. These tools let you plan, manage, and track projects much better than using manual tools. They also help in team communication and collaboration. One side benefit of using these tools is that the learning from the past projects could be applied to new projects. To get more insight into why these tools can help you manage better, read here.

Project Management software creates trust

Employee’s trust in the company and its management team is critical to the success every business. The only problem, creating trust is not easy and could not be borrowed or bought. Good project management software in a small way can create trust by improving transparency and accountability in what people do in projects. The huge advantage of collaborative PM tools is that it shows the same information to everyone in the team. There is no room for hiding facts or give half truth when it comes to project reporting.
To read more check here.

Project Management software buyer’s guide

If you are in the market for project management tools, this guide is for you. As you might find the right project management tool is not an easy task. There are hundreds of applications on the market today. In fact, Google is making really good money selling PM ads. This guide covers all you need to know to evaluate and select PM tools for your team.
Online project management software

Why even the best PM software may not be enough

Project management tools have been around for a long time. Most people either have used or have heard about these tools by now. But, there is a misconception about these tools among newbie project managers. The bad news is that even the best project management tool can save a project from bad management. The good news, a well designed PM tool can help new project managers do better. To get a better idea of this how to chose the best PM application, read this article.

Project Management tools for digital agencies

If you are running a digital agency, you have deadlines coming at you fast and furious. The copy for an important client needs to be finished by 6:00 PM on Monday. The ad campaign for another client needs to be ready for presentation on Tuesday morning by 9:00 AM. Shouldn’t you use project management software that matches your work? The application needs to support due date, due time and dependencies. To find out the how to chose the right project management software for your agency, click here.

Online project management software tutorial

If you have questions about online project management software and were afraid to ask, this guide is for you. This is a complete tutorial about online PM software and covers many aspects of a good PM application that you need to consider when shopping for project management solutions. As a new project manager or entrepreneur, this is a great resource to get you started.
To read more click here.

Project management software for small business

If you are the owner of a small business you know the daily challenges every small business owner faces. As a business owner you wear many hats, don’t have enough resources and liquidity to feel safe for a minute. One of the things that can make your life easier is automation. Many business owners are so cut up in the rat race that they never spend the time to automate different aspects of their business. This is too bad; automation can save your business and your soul. In addition to financial tools like QuickBooks or CRM packages like SalesForce, a work management application can do wonders for your business.

Project Management tools for remote teams

Remote teams are getting more prevalent in the business world. Many corporations do employee remote teams not only because they can’t find the talent they need locally, but because they are looking for the most qualifies talent anywhere. Using remote workers also brings down the business cost of maintaining a large office. In addition, the workers’ productivity goes up due to time saved in commute etc. That is all good, but how do you manage a remote workforce? How do you communicate, collaborate, review, and track the work that your remote team is doing? We have the answers to all your questions in this article.
Project management software

Choosing between desktop and online PM tools

At the beginning of 21st century, almost all the applications people used were desktop applications. In 2018, the majority of applications in use today are either online tools or mobile native apps. In fact, the desktop applications’ dominance has totally ended and is falling down rapidly. So the real question is not between desktop and online applications anymore, but what type of online applications companies should choose. For security reasons, some companies prefer private clouds for work done by their employees. Smaller companies who can’t afford private cloud use public clouds. To read more check this article we wrote a while back.

How many project management applications do we need?

It seems the world is filled with project management tools. Every day we hear a new vendor introducing new PM tools. Why so many? Why entrepreneurs still put their time and money in such a saturated market? To answer this question, we need to realize a fundamental fact, and that is no one solution fits all when it comes to PM software. That is why there are so many vendors and so many solutions are out there. To read about the insane number of applications on the market today, read this article we wrote in 2016. Just a note, today there are even more PM applications in the market than 2016.

Five things to look for in an online PM tool

Have you heard about the SMART principles? They apply to the project management too. The SMART principle in project management stands for the following; Scalable, Mobile, Adaptable, Remote, and Transparent. If you are in the market for a new online PM tool, keep the above five requirements in mind. We have written a nice piece about the SMART principles in work management which you can find here.

Find the right PM tools for digital agencies

Anybody who has run a digital agency or has worked in one, knows the work could be very hectic and stressful. If you are not quick and agile, you can’t make it in this business. Most agencies owners know they need tools to automate their tools to get an edge. To help them find the right solutions we wrote a lengthy guideline to show you how to choose the best app meeting your needs. You can read the article here.

Project management mistakes startups make

We all know startups don’t have much margin for errors. Every decision you make in a startup seems to be life or death issue. Due to the nature of startup world, planning is that last thing an entrepreneur pays attention to. That is bad enough, but it is also compounded that most entrepreneurs don’t have the business acumen to manage properly. Most start CEOs don’t know when to say No when to emphasize quality or speed and so on. In this article we have covered the 5 major mistakes most entrepreneurs make managing their first startup.

Why is PM software a Google conundrum?

The digital tsunami in recent years has made work continuous. The notion of working 9 to 5 is gone. The sanctity of weekend has long been obliterated. This 24/7 work ethic is causing major problems in the western society. The work life balance does not mean anything anymore, as though we live to work and not the other way around. A lot of people feel overwhelmed, anxious, and helpless. In this article we published in 2016 we have addressed these issues head-on.

Why PM software will never replace meetings

By nature, humans like to interact face to face. A video call or a chat is never felt right like a one to one conversation with colleagues or clients. The software is supposed to help us be more efficient but never replaces face to face interaction. There is always room for virtual meeting or teleconferencing, but nothing beats real human contacts. A while back we wrote about when and when not use tools to replace personal interaction.

The highlights of project management survey

PMI has released a fantastic study of project management profession and the results are startling. They talked with 3000 professional including CEOs, CTOs and project management directors. One major observation of the study was the facts a lot of projects don’t have executive level sponsorship. Another, there is a complete disconnect between those in the executive suite and the project managers or directors. We encourage you to read the highlight of this survey we published in the Collaboration Corner.

Project Management review

From time to time we review the latest trends/news in project management. Did you know the CEOs with daughters tend to be more socially responsible? Or, the best way to get a project management position is to start as an intern? Or, the Agile is eating the world and you need to join the agile trend?

The latest project management software

Every 4 to six weeks we release a new version of our software. We have come a long way from when we started in 2011. We do have the tools you need to manage your team, be it local or remote. If you practice Agile or waterfall we support both methodologies. Did you say Hybrid project management? Yes, we do support that too. Do you need due date and due time plus Gantt and a lot more? We have all those too. We are proud of our PM software and believe if you try it you will love it too. That is why we offer a free month trial with full functionality. If you need more time to decide, just ask us.