170 Online Project Management software and counting

online project management software

Isn’t that too much?

If the rhetorical question wasn’t a sign, it is way too much.

If you’re planning to buy a online project management software, buckle up- the choice isn’t going to be a simple one.

In the good old days a person could just choose one from the list of hand-full choices. He didn’t even have to choose between a desktop or online software as he wasn’t even presented with this choice. But the times have changed and with them the online project management software space got more populated and fragmented than it ever was.

Is it really that bad?

There were more than 170 Online Project Management software in the month of April 2016.This amount of choice serve the buyer with more irritation and agitation than excitement.

It is more like a gladiator match if it was possible to accommodate 170 gladiators in an arena, there are so many you don’t know who to watch and who to cheer for, at the end you are left with anxiety .

How did we get here?

The major reason for this large number of project management software is due to the increase in demand.

This demand may be attributed to the following reasons-

  • Global Collaboration – Collaboration being done at global scale and increase in the number of the teams with multi national members.
  • Work From Anywhere – The need for collaborating at the go, and the idea that one’s geographical position should not hinder with the development of the project.
  • Elementary Need – This sort of an elementary software is needed by every type of organisation irrespective of the space they are in or their size.
  • Centralized Work space – The general need for systematically collaborating on a project. This would include the need for centralized document collaboration and real time status update on projects.

Future of the online project management software space

The situation will get worse before it gets better, even though there is competition due to the sheer opportunity in this space. Even now a large number of software companies are competing to capture the various segments of users available.

How to select the one you need?

How should one go selecting a great online project management software in the hailstorm of software out there.

Many factors contribute to choosing a great online project management software for your software team. A project management software is like a suit, the one tailor- made for you will fit you best.

The following steps will help your choice

  • Establish your needs – This step includes making a checklist of features you require the most from the software.
  • Estimate the number of members – The number of members decide the scale of users you require from the software.
  • Check methodology – Choose a software which will accommodate the development methodology used by your project.
  • Check integration friendliness – a software that integrates with the other tools you use will help in the long run.
  • Ease of use – Remember the software will be used by the technologically abled and the disabled alike and hence should be user friendly.

End solution to the anxiety faced by user

Honestly, there is no solution.

Only thing you could do is choose one and hope for the best.

Fingers crossed.


Harshendra Singh

Harshendra Singh is a Bachelor of computer Science. He is currently working as a software engineer at Pragmatic Learning Pvt. Lmt. He aspires to make his name in the field of artificial intelligence.

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