Project Portfolio Management

If you manage multiple projects you know how hard it is to coordinate & balance resources & timelines across all your projects. You have finite resources and time. You need to manage both your resources and time efficiently if you have any chance of success in your projects.  Project portfolio  management is a set of tools that helps you to manage multiple projects concurrently. Most project management applications in the market are targeted for managing single projects and are usually simple tasks list or to-do list. Here in Binfire we are adding new project portfolio management tools for managing multiple projects to make your job easier and improve productivity of your organization. I have listed a few of the project portfolio tools we have or we are adding to Binfire in the near future.

Portfolio Resource loading

Currently Binfire provides a resource loading tool across all projects. This features has been active since June, 2014 and it has been one of most frequently asked features by our customers. In one page you can see all your resources and what they are working across all projects. You can see if any of your team members is overloaded or she or he still has free time to work on new tasks. In addition to portfolio resource loading, project portfolio management provides resource loading page for each project each project.

Portfolio Gantt Chart

We are adding a new feature to our portfolio management tools. It is called Portfolio Gantt Chart. In one Gantt chart view you can see all your tasks across all your projects. This is a great visualization tool for project managers to see how their projects are progressing. In a later version we will allow assignment of dependencies from a task in one project to a task in another projects. This will allow you to link your projects together and better manage the start & stop controls when a project depends on delivery from one or more projects. The portfolio Gantt chart will have several time scale options to make it easier for you to view all tasks in all projects in one page view.

Portfolio Burn-down Chart

Another feature we are working is portfolio burn-down chart. This is a great feature to see at any moment if  your projects are on schedule or one or more of your projects are running late. You can identify the task or tasks which are causing your project to be late and take corrective action as soon as a task shows signs of being late. This feature will be introduced after Portfolio Gantt Chart has been introduced in late 2014.


We are working very hard to bring to our customers more advance features while making the application easy to use and intuitive. I hope you compare Binfire against all other project management applications on the market today and see for yourself that when it come to ease of use, features and price there are no other offerings in the market that can compete with Binfire.


David Robins

David Robins


David Robins is the founder and CEO of Binfire. David studied at both Cornell and MIT, and was the Director of Software Engineering at Polaroid for 11 years.

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