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Project Management Best Practices! Infographic:

How to Manage Projects Right

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Project management software is a complicated subject. Pictures and graphics can help making the application easier to understand. In this infographic we have provided everything you need to know about managing projects and teams. We cover the workflow for both traditional teams and remote teams. Learn how to plan a project, add team members, assign tasks and subtasks using the task management system. Track the progress of tasks throughout project's life cycle using Kanban board! Learn how to use Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), which is also called Waterfall. The Interactive Gantt chart is a great tool for visually tracking your team's tasks at anytime during the project. The embedded collaboration tools in the software help to make you and your team much more productive! Collaboration tools like interactive whiteboard, group chat and message board are essential for project management and facilitating communication, specially when the teams includes remote members.

For further details about how what feature are needed in project management check project management software guide.

Best practices infographic

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