The Human Factor in Project Management – updated

Can a good PM tool make anyone into a great Project Manager? Does the quality of the tool ensure the quality of the Project Manager? How about the human factor?

Despite the great advances that web 2.0 technologies have made for the modern collaborative workforce, there is an indispensable human factor in Project Management that should never be undervalued.

The human factor in project management  

Even when you’re using the best tool for the job you still need to understand how to implement your organization’s policies.

Understanding common project management practices is very important.

Defining and implementing collaboration and communication with your team is another factor you need to pay acute attention to.

And last, to have the discipline to get the work done according to plan.

The above four are the minimum factors you need to pay attention when managing projects.

Our CEO has said: “Good PM tools make a project manager’s job easier, more organized and more productive. Imagine a good financial analyst without Excel or other similar tools. The Excel does not make a better analyst but a more productive analyst!”

Very true.

In fact, we only truly understand the value of a new PM tool once it has been placed in the hands of an experienced Project Manager. Until an expert puts it to use its hard to gauge a tools strengths or weaknesses.

Ultimately, even as PM tools increase in sophistication it will be the human factor that helps them evolve and that will determine their value.

The following is a short link list to pages the user might find interesting in Binfire’s user guide.

  1. Online Project management software overview
  2. Opening an account
  3. Sample project
  4. Application onboarding for the best introduction to the application
  5. Inviting new members to the workspace
  6. uploading an avatar to personalize your workspace
  7. Setting the time zone in the application
  8. Creating the first task in the project
  9. Uploading a file securely to your projects
  10. Syncing task with Google Calendar
  11. Bug tracking and reporting tool
  12. Posting messages in the message board
  13. Time tracking tool
  14. Upgrading your plan to awesome
  15. Personal dashboard based on Kanban idea
  16. Uploading personal files to your secure folder
  17. How to use the timesheet and how to report hours
  18. Setting up your profile in the application



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