Binfire vs. the Competition

So what separates Binfire from the competition?

Here’s a great article from that reviews several different project management and collaboration programs. I’d like to add Binfire to the list by going toe-to-toe with each of the programs mentioned to give you a better idea of what Binfire is all about.

Binfire vs. Dropbox

Both allow easy file sharing and access from any computer. The main difference when it comes to file sharing? Dropbox gives you 2GB of storage space on its servers, which is great. But Binfire gives you 10GB, which is greater. On top of that, Binfire also provides file locking and will soon release file starring option for heavy-duty team collaboration.

Binfire vs. Basecamp

Both allow users to keep track of shared tasks, due dates, and time spent working. However, one of the most practical differences for Project Managers is that Basecamp doesn’t provide task dependencies. Binfire has full hierarchical task dependencies built in. That aside, if you want features like integrated chat, an interactive whiteboard, 10GB of storage, file versioning or status reporting, Basecamp either doesn’t have them or will charge extra for them—with Binfire all of those features are built in.

Binfire vs. Yammer

Yammer lets you share status updates like twitter, but securely with your co-workers. Binfire? Oh, yeah. We’ve got that! Plus, our status updates integrate into all other aspects of your projects too.

Binfire vs. Google Docs

Both are easy to use. Both can be accessed from any computer. And guess what? Both are free. Binfire also provides versioning and supports all file formats.

So, what separates Binfire form the competition?

The answer is simple: Everything.

Binfire combines all of the best features that each of these programs offer in one package, to offer you a fully integrated solution with all the tools you need to manage your team in one location.

By the way, for the time being we’re doing it for free.


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