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Project Folder

The project folder is the secure document depository for your projects. All projects have their own secure project folder and only members of that project have access to documents stored in the project folder. You can rename, tag, move, copy, delete, download, share, lock and unlock files. In addition, you can download all versions of a file and see its history. Project manager can limit access to this folder to any member of the project. This is useful when you invite contractors, customers or suppliers to your project. You can give each member full access, read access or no access to project folder.

Featured in

Project Folder

Binfire keeps all version of every single file in the project folder. No action is required on your part. When you upload a file, Binfire detects if an earlier version exists in the folder and ask the user if the file should be renamed or the version get updated.

You can have Google Drive and DropBox files to show in your project folder.