Who owns your data?

When working on projects, you and your team generate and store a lot of valuable data. The question you need to ask before selecting a project management applications is this, who owns the data generated and stored in your project management application?

In Binfire we believe you and only you own all data created & stored by you, by your team and by your customers in the our project management application. That is why we have implemented tools for you to download & upload all data in your projects and save them on your local storage device. Even if you stop using Binfire (highly unlikely), you will own and control all data you ever created and stored in all your projects while using Binfire. Even project activity data like project timeline, who did what and when and more is downloadable in Binfire.

Why do we provide this option to all our users? Because we believe as a project management service provider our main job is to safeguard our customer’s data and make sure you are in control of your information when you put your trust in us by using Binfire to manage your projects.

It is our policy that we never share or give your data to any third party.

Try Binfire for Free to see for yourself what Binfire can do for your projects and your peace of mind!



Dan Smiljanić

Dan is a practitioner of project management and our resident geek. With a background in computer science, Dan is the lead product tester at Binfire. When Dan not writing code, you will probably find him cycling and hiking with friends.

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