How many Project Managers are there in the world?

If you investigate the data by LinkedIn, the number of project managers in the world is at 2,170,000+.

Note: for a more detailed survey for 2018 check  Project managers survey for 2018.

If we further categorize LinkedIn data by,

  • Country
  • Gender
  • Age group

we find some interesting things. And we put all that into one very easily consumable infographic.

Would you like to check it out?

Out of curiosity, we thought about investigating the size of the project manager community in the world.

It was only natural to turn to LinkedIn for some hard data. It did not disappoint.

Here is what we found.

project managers

The data for the above infographic was sourced from the LinkedIn Ad management tool. Within the tool, the Binfire team used the ‘Skills’ parameter to determine the numbers.

It is evident from the above infographic that the majority of project managers are male, almost 40% more than their female counter parts.

Also apparent is the fact that the United States of America leads in the number of project managers in the world with 30.9% of the whole share. Followed by US are the United Kingdom and India, which collectively comprise for 12.2% of all the project managers in the world.

An interesting conclusion that comes out of our research is the fact that majority of the project managers fall in the age group of 35-55 years. The majority use PM software to manage their projects.

Why do you think this is ?

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We did a more comprehensive survey for 2018, called status of project managers for 2018. In this study we surveyed 1080 project managers to get a good sense of challenges facing project managers, their salaries and where they work.

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