What operations does Binfire support for files?

I was talking to one of our users and he had this question:

“What operations does Binfire support for files?”

It seems we have some explaining to do (we will also enhance the UI soon).

We have a complete content management system built into the application. In Binfire’s file browser you can do everything that a normal file browser lets you do and more! To get there you need to let your mouse hover any file name, as you notice in the picture below an inverted arrow shows up to the extreme right of the row where the file sits. Press this arrow. If you are in a project folder these are the controls you see:

  • Copy to folder; which lest you copy a file to any folder in the system
  • Download file; simple download
  • Collaborate; if the file is in PDF format you can open it and collaborate with anybody on your team who has opened this file at the same time. You can markup the file and everybody who has the file open can see the changes instantly. If you open a PDF in the private folder you will be only to mark it up for your own use. We will add more file format like images etc in the future.
  • File info; You can get to and download every version of your file using this tool. When you press file info, a window opens up which lets you select the version you want and download it by clicking on that version. Notice every-time you upload the same file , the application will ask you if you want to create a new version or not.
  • Share; use this tool to get a URL link to this file and share it with others.
  • Lock; in the project folder you can lock a file which you are editing and prevent others from overwriting it. When you are done you can unlock the file and let others edit it. This tool is not available in the private folder
  • Rename; You can rename a file
  • Move to folder; You can move the file to another folder
  • Delete; You can delete the file. The app gives a warning before deleting the file permanently.

In the private folder, the collaborate is changed to file markup and the lock option does not exist. If you select two or more files, and press one of the arrows, you can perform block action on those file like delete, copy etc.

On the left of each file there is an star. To follow a file, press the start next to it. From now on, you are notified whenever that file is modified. This is a great tool for collaboration on documents.

As you see we have all the basic functions one needs to work with files when you move your files to the cloud with Binfire!.

Happy Collaboration

David Robins


David Robins is the founder and CEO of Binfire. David studied at both Cornell and MIT, and was the Director of Software Engineering at Polaroid for 11 years.

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