What changes with the new Binfire pricing model?

You may have noticed that we recently added a pricing model to the site.

So, you ask, how does this change things for current users? It doesn’t.

Any user with an account opened before May 4, 2011 will experience no changes and will be grandfathered in with 10GB of storage, which is theirs to keep as long as they want to. Binfire stands by the quality of its free plan and and is committed to doing so in the future.

The pricing model simply allows us to expand on the range and depth of services we get to offer our users, while still allowing a very effective free plan for no charge at all.

Binfire’s free option now allows users 2GB of storage, 2 projects, 5 users and absolute security. (For 15GB of storage, 10 projects and 25 users you can upgrade your account to our “Basic” service plan for just $9.95  a month at any time).

So, yes, it does mean things are changing…but for the better!

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