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For a site to be effective the user should be able to find what  he /she is looking for. To do so the site needs a good search tool. In Binfire we are adding search to all pages as we update the site on regular bases. Currently the task and milestone page has a full functioning search bar at the top of the page. This is smart search and helps you complete your search term on the fly. As you type, the search predicts what you are searching for and suggests possible search terms. You can search by status, user, tag or free text.

The easiest way for search is to use keywords which are defined in the applications. These are the keywors which are hot (application knows about them)

  1. User
  2. Status
  3. Tag
  4. Task

When you type any of the above in the search box, all relevant options are shown in a drop-down box. Click on one and it will shows up in the search box. As an example type status, you will see two options Open and Close are shown below the search. Click on Open and press enter, all open tasks are shown.

Another option is to type Open or Closed. If you start writing Open in the search box, you will notice Status: open showing as you type. Select it and press enter. All open tasks are shown. You can also search by user, just start typing a user’s name in your project. As you start typing John for example, you will notice the search is showing you all users whose name start with john like User: John Smith. You can also search by tag. If you have entered a tag called bugs in any task, as soon as you start typing bugs, the search shows you Tags:Bugs. When you select this tag, all tasks which have a tag called bugs are shown.

You can enter one or more terms for search. For example if you one to see all tasks assigned to David which are still open and have the tag bugs, juts write David and select User: David, then write open and select status:open and type bugs and select Tags:bugs. Now all tasks assigned to David which are still open and have the tag bugs in them are shown. The capability of combining more than one search term gives you unparalleled flexibility in searching displaying the tasks that you want to review.

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David Robins is the founder and CEO of Binfire. David studied at both Cornell and MIT, and was the Director of Software Engineering at Polaroid for 11 years.

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