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I would like to briefly explain what a new user should expect when logging to Binfire for the first time.

Binfire is divided into two sections. The first section is your private work area (an area that only you have access to), and the second section is for the projects you own or of which you are a member.

When you log in to Binfire, you enter your work place. This section is divided into:

1. Dashboard

The dashboard gives you a summary of what has happened since last time you logged in. You can see all activities by you or your project team members here. The “Private File” tab found in the navigation menu–as the name implies–is a private folder just for you. Nobody except you has access to this vault. You can upload your files to this section and be assured that nobody else has access to them. Remember, this is a folder that only you have access to. The “Project” tab found here allows you to view the status of all your projects in an instant and let you move to your project section.

2. Project tabs

Each project section is divided into several tabs. Each tab lets you perform or monitor a different task. Each project has its own totally secure area and there is a firewall between one project and the next. Only members of a project have access to a given project area. This is the location for managing a given project, collaborating on it and storing it’s relevant project files. The task tab is for creating the tasks in your project, the Gannt chart tab to for tracking and modifying your tasks graphically, the file tab is a vault for storing documents or media files, the whiteboard is an interactive area for brainstorming and the status report tab is for reporting your progress in the project.

3. Files

The file tab is a vault for project files, all project members with right permission have access to this folder (you control access permissions–your project members may have full access, or just read access or no access depending on the permission level the project owner gives them).we treat images and PDF files different from other files in the files tab. If you click on an image file it opens for view. We treat different files differently, so if you click on a PDF file it opens to allow collaboration and markup functionality. So, if two or more project members open the same PDF file at the same time they will notice that they can draw or write on the file and all who have the file open can see the changes. You can also see who else has opened the files in addition to you. This is a great online interactive markup tool.

Happy Collaboration,  Project Management Program

David Robins


David Robins is the founder and CEO of Binfire. David studied at both Cornell and MIT, and was the Director of Software Engineering at Polaroid for 11 years.

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