From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Transforming The In-Store Till to Impress

Looking to impress customers? Whether you run a small business or an established company, it is good to improve your countertop as it’ll impress customers and give your brand a good name.

Adding a credit card terminal

Having a credit card payment terminal is good for your countertop. It will smarten your processes and help customers feel secure with their in-store transactions. It feels more secure when you pay with a professional machine, so make sure to invest in one.

Cleaning things up

A cluttered and unorganized checkout counter is able to take away from the customer’s overall purchase experience. If you are the cashier, keep the till area clean, tidy, and well-organized 100% of the time. Make sure the unnecessary items have been thrown out and eliminated to maintain a minimal level of clutter in the till area. Optimize the till equipment (cash registers, card readers, bagging stations, etc.) and minimize the clutter and trash in the till area.

Meaningful decor

An easy way to elevate the look of your checkout counter is by adding meaningful decor elements that capture attention and build interest. Some simple décor accents you might add are plants or flowers, artwork, or even incorporating your brand into a sign or wall piece to add texture and character. Keep your brand aesthetic in mind when determining what decor elements you’d like to add, and keep the overall ambiance of the checkout area in mind.

Consumers’ access to technology

Integrate interactive technology solutions to engage customers and better the checkout experience. Install digital displays or touchscreen kiosks at the checkout counter to showcase product information, promotions, and interactive content. Provide customers with access to self-service options for browsing products, checking inventory, or signing up for loyalty programs.

Helpful amenities 

Consider what your customers would want and offer helpful amenities, such as charging stations for devices, complimentary bottles of water, or reading materials next to the checkout counter to make the wait in line a little more pleasant.

Promote add-on sales

Use your checkout counter to promote add-on sales. Display impulse-buy items, complementary products, or short-term offers near the checkout station to encourage larger, more profitable add-on purchases. Train your cashiers to suggest accessories, additional products, or upgrades based on what other customers with similar interests or preferences have purchased.

Smoothing out the check-out process

Keep traffic flow in mind when you’re considering the layout and design of your checkout area. You want to make it easy for people to get in and out. Keep things moving smoothly and quickly by adjusting your checkout to make the most sense for customers and cashiers. 

See what they say

Don’t be afraid to ask how you’re doing. Is the checkout process working? Are your customers taking the time to tell you how they feel about checking out of your store? Talk with your customers often to see if what you’re doing is really working. Give them ways to speak up and tell you about how things are going. Make sure someone’s listening, and then work on fixing any problems or making good ideas even better.


Dan Smiljanić

Dan is a practitioner of project management and our resident geek. With a background in computer science, Dan is the lead product tester at Binfire. When Dan not writing code, you will probably find him cycling and hiking with friends.

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