Free project management software for Education

Binfire is offering now free project management software for educational institutions.

We have been offering free plans for nonprofits and startups. It is about time to do the same for our educational users.

We have always supported educational institutions and in fact, many universities and colleges like the University of Southern Califonia, Marshall school of management use Binfire. 

This offer is valid not only for universities and colleges but also for high schools and vocational schools. So if you teaching in Newton south high school or at MIT you can use Binfire free!

Free Project Management software

So which educational institutions get in this free plan? The short answer, everything in the application is absolutely free with no limits! I have listed a few of the features Binfire offers its educational users.

Managing tasks– You can get organized for all the course you offer. The task manager is a complete task management service which offers tasks, subtasks, milestones, and dependencies.

Document  Collaboration– We can collaborate on PDF and image files in Binfire. The application allows as many as 500 people to simultaneity view and to mark up a document in real-time. This is a great tool for remote teaching.

Boards– Using boards to view and manage tasks and to-do lists is a huge time-saver. Based on Kanban principles, the boards’ let the team have a clear view of all tasks and their status throughout the project’s life-cycle.

Soon we will be upgrading our Kanban boards feature, to exceed what Trello offers currently. 

Calendar– With the release coming in April 2019, the app will have workspace and project calendars. You can add and edit tasks, milestones, bugs/issues, events, vacations, holidays, and out of office time to your calendar.

The filters on the top allow you to see tasks assigned to you and every member of your team.

Whiteboard– An interactive whiteboard is a wonderful tool for brainstorming. You can use the whiteboard the same as using a classroom whiteboard for remote learning.

Time tracking– There are times that you and your team need to track time when working on tasks. The time tracker built in the application lets you do this easily.

Native Apps– We have IOS and Android native apps so you can access the application from anywhere and anytime. Find us in Google Play and Apple’s App store by searching for Binfire Tasks.

Cloud Storage– Binfire provides one of the most versatile storage solutions in the industry. In addition to providing secure cloud storage, the application automatically saves every version of a file. This way all versions of the same file are always available. When multiple people work on a file, the file could be locked so only one person can enter changes. This prevents people from writing over each other’s sections. 

Google Integration– The application is already integrated with Google drive and Google calendar. Next, we will integrate with Gmail and Google Docs.

DropBox Integration– Like Google Drive, you can use your files in your DropBox storage with your tasks, comments, and messages.

Sign up for a free trial plan visiting, then send us an email to with the subject line “Educational use” and let us know how you plan to use the application and the size of your class or project. We do the rest.

We will provide free project management software with collaboration feature free of charge to educational institutions and students. There will be no limits on the plan we give you and you can use it as long as needed.

Please use the educational institution’s email (.edu) for signing up at Binfire.

To help students more, we recently introduced a scholarship plan for women studying science and engineering. If you are a woman studying in a four-year accredited college or university you can apply for Binfire Scholarship.



David Robins


David Robins is the founder and CEO of Binfire. David studied at both Cornell and MIT, and was the Director of Software Engineering at Polaroid for 11 years.


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