Team Collaboration: The Evolution

Team collaboration is critical if you want to succeed in managing projects. Consider the following:

“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed”

-Charles Darwin

The concept of collaboration has changed a bit since Darwin’s day, but its importance has only grown more and more since then.

Today’s global economy demands businesses to run faster, more efficiently and cheaper than ever before. In tandem, our fast-paced world demands an ever-developing host of collaborative tools that serve to fuel productivity among workers around the world.

What is needed in team collaboration tools?

It’s becoming increasingly clear that web-based collaboration tools are commandeering the market as the fastest and most effective form of collaboration tools out there. The web-based tools are getting less expensive and more functional at the same time as they become easier to understand and use.

These tools overcome the past inhibitions of collaboration due to long distances, high costs, logistical complication, etc. In addition, the cost-effectiveness of these tools has made them readily available to smaller businesses, thus leveling out the playing field when it comes to access to collaboration and project management systems.

As the functionality and speed of the plethora of web-based collaboration tools have improved, the focus has shifted onto user experience.

There are countless tools available today that merely bundle a set of features and communications options together without any real consideration for how these services will be used by the average consumer.

These tools ultimately fail in facilitating collaboration and efficiency. What’s required is a seamless and consistent experience, which is both intuitive and easy to use. Few tools in the market are truly collaboration or productivity tool. Granted they all claim to be as such, but very few meet the goals.

Regardless of working on a small project or a large one the proper team collaboration tools make a huge difference. Read the guide on how to select collaboration tools for a better understanding of the functionality you need.


Dan Smiljanić

Dan is a practitioner of project management and our resident geek. With a background in computer science, Dan is the lead product tester at Binfire. When Dan not writing code, you will probably find him cycling and hiking with friends.

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