Binfire PM as a system that is Collaborative and Social!

To streamline productivity project stake holders need to focus on collaborating with a higher degree of sophistication. A tool dedicated to simply organizing work alone won’t make your project team more productive. You need to incorporate a system that helps you communicate, collaborate, get feedback, catalog information and then put all of this into practical use.

Binfire’s collaborative and newly enhanced social features let you do all of this while building team cohesion, and preventing project members from falling out of the loop or operating out of the sync with the rest of the team. In short, Binfire injects a strong dose of communication directly into your projects with the most integrated collaboration tools available within a single program.

We accomplish all of this through the synthesis of advanced project management and integrated collaboration software modules:

1. Collaboration Suite: Binfire’s collaboration tools are dedicated to creating multiple communication, sharing and interactivity opportunities between users to enhance productivity. They keep you up to date and in the loop.

2. Project Management Suite: Binfire’s project management features are designed to help you easily organize, schedule, delegate and track work. Our practical suite of tools allows you to accomplish your projects whether you’re a team of one or one hundred. We offer the finest combination of work management and communication tools on the net; feature for feature and dollar for dollar. You’ll manage work, stay informed and complete projects faster with Binfire.

Finally, Binfire practices what it preaches, with teams actively collaborating on its development from Israel, Romania, and the US.

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