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Communication and collaboration are essential parts of collaborative project management.  In fact you can’t find any project management application that does not brag about their team collaboration tools in the market today.

Team collaboration tools help teams to communicate and collaborate effectively to improve the chance of success of the projects.


Team Collaboration Tools in Binfire

So how Binfire stacks up against the competition you might ask? Simply put, there is no other project management application with more communication and team collaboration tools in the market anywhere close to Binfire.

I have listed the team collaboration tools which we currently offer to our customers in the application.

  1. Group Chat-Binfire support real time group chat for your project team.  This is secure chat accessible only to your team, contractors and customers. You can start conversation with one team member and add others to the conversation as needed. All conversation you have had in the project are archived and you can access them anytime you want.
  2. Comments– you can comment on tasks or comments from others, a great way to keep conversation current and view-able by all team members.
  3. Starring-If you want to follow a task or a file, just use starring. Star any object and you will get notification (by email) for any change to the object
  4. Attaching Files- You can attach files to tasks, bugs, message and comments. The makes collaboration on content much easier.
  5. Notifications– there are limited cases when there are in application notification currently (invitations). All others cases an email is sent to user. We are expanding the in application messaging in the future versions.
  6. Whiteboard– You can use the whiteboard for brainstorming and review with your team. You can draw, write, paste images and modify images on the whiteboard and everybody sees all action in real time.
  7. PDF Markup– Review and markup a PDF document collaboratively with your team. You can draw, write and mark PDF documents and everybody in you team will see what you do in real time.
  8. Image Markup– Collaborate on image files like JPG and PNG using the image markup tool same as mentioned above for PDF files.
  9. Message board– Nothing works better for effective team communication and collaboration than a project message board. For each topic in the project you can create a new channel and invite team members to discuss ideas and brainstorm there.
  10. Internal Messaging– When a team member is not online, you can send him or her an internal mail. When they open the application they is a mail notification on top of the page next to Inbox.

As you can see Binfire covers all your collaboration needs in one application. These team collaboration tools help to increase productivity by fascinating communication and collaboration..

We are working on new features to enhance collaboration even more! You will see amazing new tools to enhance collaboration in the near future.



David Robins


David Robins is the founder and CEO of Binfire. David studied at both Cornell and MIT, and was the Director of Software Engineering at Polaroid for 11 years.

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