Moving tasks and reordering

In the task page, you can move tasks several different ways depending on where you want to move the task to. If you want to reorder a task you can just drag it and move it up or down vertically. This only works if you are reordering a task in its own level. Since we use WBS, tasks could have sub-tasks and sub-tasks could have sub-tasks themselves. The means each task have a level, from 1 to 6.

If you want to move tasks between levels, you need to use the move tool. To get there, on the right of the task that you want to move there is a drop down tool. Press it and one of the options in the drop down is move. Click on move tool and a window opens which lets you move the task to any level in the project.

What we are testing in our labs today includes moving tasks from one project to another, copy tasks from one project to another or in the proejct itself and drag tasks horizontally to change the task level.

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David Robins


David Robins is the founder and CEO of Binfire. David studied at both Cornell and MIT, and was the Director of Software Engineering at Polaroid for 11 years.

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