Hybrid Project Management Software: Review of Trello vs. Asana

When implementing Hybrid Project Management, one is faced with the choice of using a best of breed versus solution for each Hybrid requirement or an end-to-end tool that includes all requirements.   In this article, we will review various options by comparing the Hybrid functionality of some leading software vendors.

Background:   What is Hybrid Project Management Software?

Hybrid Project Management is a methodology that incorporates both Agile and traditional processes. Hybrid combines the thoroughness of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with the speed and flexibility of Agile.  The methodology is both detailed and fast.

Software Features that Enable Hybrid Project Management

There are three separate aspects for the successful implementation of Hybrid Project Management.

Work Breakdown Structure: Tools such as detailed task management, Gantt chart, subtasks, milestones and dependencies to define a project completely.

Agile: Tools such as Kanban Boards that can show task’s position during the project development cycle.

Collaboration:  There is a need for integration between the traditional WBS tools used by the Project Manager and the tools used by the Agile project team and Scrum Master.  In addition, real time notifications and updates cut down on the project management resources needed for task management.

Vendor Review:  Asana

Asana is a popular collaboration tool for small and medium businesses.   The best way to describe Asana is “teamwork without email” and it used for task tracking.   Asana is moderately useful for Hybrid Project Management since it does not have full Agile features and functionalities.


Functionality Summary Pros Cons
Waterfall Project Planning No Gantt Chart
Agile Task Management

Bug Tracking

No Kanban Board

Difficulty setting up recurring tasks

Difficulty assigning tasks to more than one team member

Difficulty using Sub-Task features

Collaboration Email integration Notifications are limited

Vendor Review:  Trello

Trello is a lightweight collaboration tool that is popular with smaller teams.  Although Trello has many Agile features, there are limited functionalities included that are required by traditional project teams.  Therefore, from a Hybrid Project Management perspective, Trello is the least practical solution.


Functionality Summary Pros Cons
Waterfall No Gantt Chart
Agile Kanban Board


Collaboration Real time collaboration

Vendor Review:  Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is the traditional tool for Work Breakdown Structure.  Although Microsoft did not invent the Gantt Chart, until the growth of online project management software, Microsoft dominated this category.  Because Microsoft has limited Agile capabilities, it is not useful for Hybrid Project Management.


Functionality Summary Pros Cons
Waterfall Project Planning

Gantt Chart

High-level reporting

Agile Task Lists No Kanban Board


Collaboration Email Notification No real-time collaboration

Vendor Review:  Binfire Project Management Software

Binfire was designed to provide an end-to-end solution that includes both traditional and Agile functionality.  Binfire provides real time collaboration and notification so that the Agile project team and Scrum Master can synch with the overall Project Manager.  There are additional collaboration features such as Interactive Whiteboards, Electronic Message Boards and real-time status updates.


Functionality Summary Pros Cons
Waterfall Project planning

Gantt Chart

Bug Tracking


Agile Integrated Task Management

Kanban Board

Multi task assignments

Collaboration Real Time Collaboration

Chat, whiteboard, message board

Email notification, but no email integration


When evaluating Hybrid Project Management software, it is important to get input from the Scrum Master, Project Manager and individual team members.  It is possible that the team is already using Google Docs for Document sharing, so one needs to understand issues such as integration with existing systems.

Hybrid Project Management works best when there is effective communication with between the Agile team and the Project Manager.   Each of the software solutions listed above has both props and cons and should be evaluated and used for a real project before the final purchase decision is made.

Are you a practitioner of Hybrid Project Management Software?  Which software tool do you use?

Dan Smiljanić

Dan is a practitioner of project management and our resident geek. With a background in computer science, Dan is the lead product tester at Binfire. When Dan not writing code, you will probably find him cycling and hiking with friends.

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