Free project management software for small teams

Getting free stuff always feels good. Getting free project management software feels even better.

This offers feels even better if you are a small team with limited funds.

If you are a small team of three or fewer people, you qualify automatically.

Free Project Management Software offer:

We want to help our community of small businesses and startups.

So, we have decided, we will offer free project management software, to any team with 3 or fewer members.

All you need to do to qualify, sign up for a free plan here. Send an email to telling us what you do, how long in business, and the size of your team.

Please make the title of the email you send us as “Free project management software for small teams”.  

After receiving your email, we will upgrade your plan. That’s it!

All we are asking in return is that while you are using the application send us feedback from time to time.

Nothing formal, just let us know if you have encountered any problems using the application.

Tell us how we can improve the application and if there are features you think would good to add to the application. 

So, what this included in this free project management software offer? The short answer, everything Binfire offers.

I have listed below all the goodies you will get for free under this plan. You can plan, manage and track projects with your team efficiently using tools we offer.

Amazing dashboard to make it easy for you what you need to work every day. Also, allows you to monitor the work of people working on your projects.

List View for all your projects. A global view of all tasks assigned to you or others in one task list.

Board view, a global board view for all your projects. Unlike other project management application like Asana, the same project could have list view plus board view.

Calendar view, a global calendar to view tasks, events, vacations, and holidays for all your projects and everybody in your team.

Easy filtering, which lets you filter to whom the task is assigned to, by projects, by the due date, and by the task status like if someone has started work on a task. If the task is completed or approved.     

The free plan also includes events and conversations.  Events lets you plan events for your company or project.

Conversations is a Slack like tool which includes channels. You can create unlimited channels and connect them to projects if needed.

As before each project includes its own dashboard, list view, board view, calendar view, Gantt Chart Software, project’s file folder, and project settings.

Binfire Support most project management methods like Agile and waterfall.  

Binfire works with Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Dropbox

All Premium features in Binfire are included in this plan as I mentioned before.

Unlike free plans offered by our competitors, We give the solo entrepreneurs and small teams all features found in paid plans.

The only limitation for this free plan is the number of users (up to 3) which you can have in your workspace and projects. 

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, the free plan includes unlimited projects and generous cloud storage space!

Try us and see for yourself how Binfire can improve your productivity. 

David Robins


David Robins is the founder and CEO of Binfire. David studied at both Cornell and MIT, and was the Director of Software Engineering at Polaroid for 11 years.

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