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Nonprofits do the most amazing job helping our people and our societies. Men and women who work in these organizations help children, sick people, old people, underprivileged and so on.

Please Note: We have updated our offer for nonprofits. please check free project management app for nonprofits.

When disasters strike, nonprofits are the ones who provide most of the important relief for people in distress. The work they do is truly exceptional and holy.

Nonprofits rely on donations from people like me and you to run their operations and help people in need. In fact, the number one challenge of many nonprofits is to raise to help others money as shown by this research study done by GuideStar.

So we decided that we need to do everything we can to help nonprofits to continue the good work they do. We offer all nonprofits free subscription to all our project management plans for as long as the nonprofits would like to use the application. No strings attached!

To sign up for a free plan visit this page. After signing up send us an email using “#Binfire for nonprofits” to Please attach a copy of your nonprofit status to the email. Tell us a little about what your nonprofit does and the size of your team. That is it, We do the rest.

What we offer nonprofits?

In short, everything we offer our paid customers, but for free. I have listed a few of the functionality we provide and a brief description of each of the paragraphs below.

Task Management- Binfire has one of the best task management software available in the market. You can manage any size project using the task manager. It supports subtasks, Millstones, recurring tasks, and dependencies.

Boards- The Agile project management is a good fit for the type of work nonprofits do. Based on the Kanban methodology, the user can create as many private and project boards as needed.

Interactive Gantt Chart- Gantt chars are great for viewing the project’s progress over time. Binfire’s Gantt chart could be modified by any user and the result displayed to other users in real-time.

Message Boards- Message boards are great team communication tools. You can create as many channels as needed to cover the topics team is involved with.

Interactive Whiteboard- One one the best tools for brainstorming when all team members are not in the same room, is an interactive whiteboard. You can create as many whiteboards for each project as needed.

Live Chat- Binfire has a built-in group chat for instant communication among team members.

Secure cloud files- Binfire has one of the most secure cloud file systems in the industry. Your files are secure in Binfire’s file folders. In addition, Binfire keeps every version of all your files. You can access old versions at any time.

Google Drive and Dropbox integration- You can view and attach all your files which you have uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox in Binfire.

Google Calendar Integration- You can sync all your tasks with Google Calander, so your tasks’ due dates are shown on your favorite calendar.

Give Binfire a try for your nonprofit and we will help you any way we can. If needed we will provide training and demo session at absolutely no cost. 

David Robins


David Robins is the founder and CEO of Binfire. David studied at both Cornell and MIT, and was the Director of Software Engineering at Polaroid for 11 years.

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