Free Project Management App for nonprofits

We are happy to announce a very special offer, one which is very close to our hearts. From today we offer an absolutely free project management app for nonprofits, no strings attached.

In the past, we have giving discounts and in some cases when the nonprofits were short on funds we even offered them free plans.

Why this change? Nonprofits are at the forefront of saving people in need and enriching people’s lives everywhere on our planet.

non-profits work really hard and at the same time have very limited resources and a tight budget.

They rely on people’s generosity to pay for their staff and their operational cost.  

So, we have decided we should do more to help. Most nonprofits have many projects going at any given time. They work with local organizations, contractors, and government agencies.

To manage these projects, nonprofits need to have the right tools that help them to be more productive and reduce their workload.

Most work management tools are expensive and out of reach of the majority of nonprofits.

On top of that, just one tool is not enough. To manage projects, the nonprofits end up buying several different tools for different aspects of what they do.

This is not only expensive but managing too many tools is a drag on productivity by itself. 

To remedy this we have decided to offer all qualified nonprofits our online project management software for free, all tools currently in the application and all future tools are included.

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Free project management app for nonprofits includes: 

We offer absolutely free project management app for nonprofits, no string attached!

The app will remain free for as long as the nonprofits want the tool and there is no limit in the number of projects and members in these plans.

In addition, we will provide full 24/7 support to nonprofits. The same level of support we provide our enterprise customers.

The support is also free and will not cost the nonprofit a dime. 

As I mentioned before all tools currently available in our project management suite plus all the future tools we will develop, are included in the offer.

It is important for a project management application to support different project management methods. 

Binfire is one of very few project management applications which support, waterfall method, Agile method, and the new method called Hybrid project management method.

This way, regardless of the project management methodology the nonprofits uses, Binfire is a good choice.

That is why we have decided to offer this free project management app for nonprofits

The benefits of Binfire PM App

Why you should use Binfire to manage your work and projects? 

Binfire brings everything you need to define, plan, manage, and track your projects collaboratively.

We also provide great customer support, and nonprofits receive customer support for free.  

Binfire is a SaaS solution, so there is no need for software download or updated by the user.

We have integrated a vast array of collaboration features in the application to help you and your team communicate and collaborate better.

The application is an all in one solution for managing projects and work. This eliminates the need to sign up for 10 projects, to be able to do all you need to do.

At the same time, we recognize nonprofits use other tools to manage their work.

Therefore we have integrated some of the most popular third-party apps like Google calendar, Google Drive and Dropbox with Binfire.

In future we will add most third-party integration and all those will be free to nonprofits too. 

It also helps to have a central place for all your tasks, conversations, documentation and managing functions in one place.  

A summary list of Features:  

Below, I have listed the current and future features that are included in the application and the nonprofits have access to.

By no means, this is a comprehensive list since we add new features constantly and I have not covered features like PDF markup and others we have in the application in the list below. 

Task Management

Binfire provides one of the most comprehensive task management tools in the market today. All you need to plan, track, and manage tasks is in the app.

From subtasks and dependencies to start date, due date & due time, you can plan and track your tasks the way you work.

You can assign multiple people to a task, attach files, add tags, add followers and add comments. 

The task manager could be synced with Google Calendar so you can see all your tasks in Google calendar plus Binfire’s native calendar.

If you have projects from other PM providers you can import them to Binfire using the import tool in the task page.

You can also export all your tasks using the export tool which creates an Excel-compatible CSV file.

When attaching files, you can choose Binfire’s native files, Google Drive files or Dropbox files.

Each project has its own task page with all details about the task shown in one place.

Plus, there is a workspace task page which lists all your tasks in all your projects in one sheet. This is an amazing tool for improving productivity and viewing all your projects’ details at a glance.    

Kanban Boards

In addition to the list view for tasks, each project has its own Kanban board.

In addition, The application includes a workspace Kanban board for all your tasks in all your projects.

You can show progress in your tasks using drag & drop by moving a task from one list to another.  

Imagine being able to plan, track, and manage all your task on one interactive board. 

In near the future, we will update the Kanban board to enable you to design your boards and lists any way you would like.


The best way to view all tasks, milestones, events, holidays, vacations and out of office time for you or any member of your projects, is the calendar view.

Binfire support three calendars. One for each project, one for the workspace which includes details for all your projects and one for setting work hours and holidays for each workspace.

In addition, Binfire’s calendar syncs with Google calendar. This gives you a perfect view of all the things you need to pay attention too and track in your work.  

Gantt Chart

Each project in Binfire has its own Gantt Chart. There is no better way to view the complete status of a project than a Gantt Chart View.

Soon we will have a workspace Gantt chart in which you can see all your projects in one graphical view.

You will be able to add a dependency from a task in one project to another task in another project.

This is a game changer since as of this writing no other work management tools have this feature.  


Binfire offers one of the most innovative dashboards for any SaaS application.

In the dashboard, you can view tasks assigned to each member of you and check their status in real-time.

If you need to edit a task or a bug, you don’t need to leave the dashboard. Click on the edit icon next to each task to open the task editor.

You can even create tasks and bugs right on the dashboard. Just click on the + Add button on the top of the page.

If one of your colleagues has left a comment on a task, the dashboard shows a comment icon next to the task.

This elevates the need for searching for new comments when you need to read or reply to a comment.

The application also sends email and desktop notifications when you need to respond or know about a change in the project.


Binfire offers its own unique conversation tool, for team conversation.

In the conversation page, you can create as many channels as you need.

Binfire’s conversation tool is similar to Slack, but is more secure and is tied to your projects’ data seamlessly.  


Binfire includes a sleek event manager tool which lets you plan events related to your projects or work.

You can invite people to your event, assign event admins and find locations for the event. 

The event manager supports unlimited sessions with each session having its own time slot and location or room number.

You can assign categories to events. This helps to group events of similar type together, like marketing events, development events etc.

Events show on Binfire’s native calendar plus on Google calendar. 

Real-time Chat

The real-time chat in Binfire is a tool enabling the team to talk in real-time as a group.

You can have a one to one talk with a colleague or have a team meeting using the chat tool. 

The nice thing about this chat tool is that keeps the record of all project conversations in one place and you have access to them whenever you want. 

Real-time whiteboard

In a lot of projects, remote brainstorming is a must. Most nonprofits can’t afford to pay for expensive video conferencing solutions.

The interactive whiteboard allows you and your team to share text, drawing, images and PDF files in real-time. 

Up to 500 people can use the whiteboard simultaneously and have a conversation while viewing the whiteboard in real-time.  

Document management

Projects include documents and files. Binfire offers generous storage options for all your documents.

In addition to storage, Binfire provides document versioning. All files automatically backed up with all versions which have been uploaded.

The user always has access to each version of the file at any time.

In addition to native storage, Binfire connects with Google Drive and Dropbox. This way, you can use your documents in your projects regardless of where they are stored.

In the near future, we will add EDMS (electronic document management system) to our offering.  


Binfire allows the user to chose the homepage when they log in to the application. This way you can personalize the application the way you would like.

When you log in a check mark, shows which page is your home page. The default is the dashboard.

You can select any other page in the list shown at top row as your home page.

If you want to remove the checkboxes and select the homepage permanently, you can visit the personal settings page. 

Bug Tracking

Granted, in most cases, the task list can have a double rule as the Bug depository. 

But, we feel having a separate bug page with its simplified structure is a better solution when the project involves heavy bug tracking.

As an added bonus, you can attach as many bugs to a task. This makes managing and tracking bugs much easier and more efficient.   

Who qualifies for free project management app for nonprofits?

You must be a government recognized nonprofit anywhere in the world.

You should be involved with making people’s lives better regardless of their nationality, race, gender or beliefs.

If your organization meets the above requirements, then you do qualify for our free project management app for nonprofits offer.

I call all qualified nonprofits to take advantage of the free project management app for nonprofits offer.

Sign up for a free trial plan by following the link below, send us an email to and tell us about your nonprofit and this offer.

Please use “Free project management app for nonprofits” as the title of your email message.

Let us how many seats do you require, and with a working day we will set up your plan and make sure you are up and running.

Nonprofits, keep doing great things for humanity, we salute you! 


free project management app for nonprofits    


David Robins


David Robins is the founder and CEO of Binfire. David studied at both Cornell and MIT, and was the Director of Software Engineering at Polaroid for 11 years.

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