Essential Tips to Get Your Local Business to Rank in Google Map Pack

With the starting year, you might be wondering about how to ensure that your Google Business listing remains consistently at the top of the map section. Google Business listings aren’t something that you want to cut corners on because nearly 50% of Google searches are linked with people actively looking for local businesses. 

Here are some tips that can help you with getting your business ranking in the top section of the Google Maps pack. 

Google Map Pack – The Importance 

More than 50% of these searchers click on Google Map Pack, which is the first map section that shows up on Google. This aspect indicates that most people who are potentially searching for your business aren’t clicking on Google Ads or the standard listings of Google websites. 

Instead, at least 50% of the local business searchers are directly heading to the map section and clicking on a business. 

Select the Right Business Category

The first tip is to select the right business category. Google Business makes you choose a primary category for your business. The primary category is crucial as it is one of the main ranking factors used by Google to see if your business is relevant in a specific search.

Now, the thing is that is also the first step that local business owners take to make a mistake by choosing a less-than-optimal primary category. Often, there can be more than one option to explain your service. 

The question is, which one of these options can help your business rank better? You can leverage several tools, such as the free Chrome plug-in, known as GMB Everywhere, which will allow you to spy on your competitors. 

Speaking of competitors, you can also leverage this dedicated local rank checker and track your local business rankings on Live GeoGrid. This dedicated SEO tool will enable you to schedule posts and improve your business listings with ease. 

While spying on your competitors, you can assess the business category of your potential competitors that will be displayed below their business name with a star next to it. Analyze the business ranking at the top of the search result and find the keyword that you want your business to show up for. Make notes of what the primary category is and use the same category that the top-ranking businesses are using.

Optimize Your Business Name

Another tip that can help you boost your local business ranking is optimizing your business name for search. Yes – you read this right. The name of your business can actually help you rank better for your specific service.

All you need to do is to ensure that your business name includes the primary keyword that people use to search for the services or products that your business provides. So, make sure to include the main keyword in your business name whenever possible. 

You must keep in mind the policy of Google, which is that it must be your real business name. For instance, if you are trying to rank for Denver Pet Care Services, something like Patrick’s Denver Pet Care will show Google that your business is more relevant to the exact term or keyword, which will help you rank better than if your business was just named Patrick’s Pet Care. 

Focus on Location

To boost your local business ranking, you will try to establish the location of your business in the area that you want to service. Google Business presents local businesses based on their respective locations. Often, the businesses that show up to a potential searcher are in close proximity to them.

Google doesn’t generally show businesses that are outside of the target city – unless – there are very few results. This aspect indicates that if your business location is not inside the potential city limits of the respective city that you are targeting, then you should try to get there.

Now, this aspect doesn’t require you to move. Why – you might wonder. Well, the reason is that you are allowed by Google to use a coworking virtual office as your primary business location as long as the location is staffed during business hours.

So, you will want to find a coworking spot that you can use as an office within the city limits. Proceed to make that your listing address. 

Improve Your Business Description

When it comes to business description, you will want to create a keyword-rich business description. Subsequently, proceed to select the right services. In Google Business, the category of your Google description is your chance to shine and display to Google what you are all about.

You will want to start with crafting a compelling keyword-rich description that tells potential customers and Google the following:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Where you operate

Also, while crafting the business description, you will want to ensure that you include the services/ products you offer along with the names of major areas or cities where you provide your services. Google is crawling your listing to get any info they can about who you are, what your business does, and where you do it.

This aspect perfectly explains how you should approach your business description by making it act as a guide and help Google figure out the answers with accuracy. That said; make sure to fill out your entire listing, which includes the services and products that your business offers. Choose the services that best fit your business instead of stuffing the services with too many options. 

All you need to do is stick to the main services that you offer so Google gets a clear picture and a clear idea of what you do.

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