3 Bits of Advice That Could Really Help Your Business

When you’re running a business you’re always looking for ways you can take it to the next level to make more money. The problem is, there’s no cut-and-dry way of doing this, but there are some surefire strategies that you can put into place to give it a push in the right direction. No idea where to start? Let’s take a look at what some of the best business advisors recommend when it comes to accelerating your business.


3 Bit of Advice to help your business

Use link placement

There’s a good chance that your website is a big part of your business, and while you might be using the best SEO techniques to help you rank on Google and locally, you might be wondering how else you can make sure your brand is noticed. A great way of doing this is by using link placements. Essentially, this is where you have a link to pages you want noticed on your website anchored to another website with a high domain. This might be in the form of a news article in your industry, or it could even be an article with a link to a product you’re trying to push that will be placed on a blog or website. These high-domain websites can help direct traffic to your website, not only getting your pages noticed but also increasing the domain authority of your pages too.

Get better funding

If your business is new, then you may be struggling to get things off the ground because of a lack of finances. So, the answer here is to look into some better sources of funding. This could be crowdfunding, investors, angel investors, or a good old-fashioned bank loan. What’s important to remember is that you need to spend money to make money, and while the last thing you want is to owe back the bank or investors, it’s a plunge you need to take to make a real mark when it comes to establishing your business. Just remember to make sure that you can afford any repayments or you could end up in a stickier situation than you’re already in.

Don’t underestimate social media

Social media isn’t a new concept anymore, yet many businesses fail to utilize how powerful it can be. You need to make sure that you join or create any groups that are relevant to your business, and then upload content that’s relevant to your target audience. If social media really isn’t your forte, then it’s highly recommended to get someone on board who knows what they’re doing. They can make sure you’re participating in trends that will get your business noticed as well as:

  • Running competitions and giveaways
  • Interacting with potential customers
  • Replying to any feedback posted
  • Growing your brand online so you’re more visible
  • Run adverts for your products to help drive more sales

It’s a time-consuming yet valuable part of running a business in this day and age. So, either take the time to familiarise yourself, or hire a social media manager to do the hard work for you.

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