The digital labor market is changing and developing as fast as digital technologies themselves. Professions are being transformed, the demand for employees of individual specializations is changing, and completely new specialties are emerging. We have prepared a pool of digital professions that do not require compulsory special higher education and have a low entry threshold.

List of Top Digital Professions with low threshold

IT recruiter

This profession is ideal for you if you get along well with people, are not afraid of stressful situations, and can persuade even the coldest and unapproachable people. Programmers are not easy people, and sometimes even spoiled. There is always a fight for good specialists, they are lured from one company to another, so you need to prove that your job is the perfect fit for them. Much of the candidate’s decision depends on your communication. And, as you know, people are different and behave in interviews either passively, or pompously, and sometimes even aggressively. So it will be very useful for you to know psychology. And, of course, patience and stress resistance.

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Content Moderator

The vacancy for the job of a content moderator is a truly popular staff since the essence of the profession is to make sure that the items are placed in the correct category, do not contain fraudulent material, do not contain illegal items, and more. Pretty creative. The purpose of content moderation has a significant role in it. The Internet can occasionally appear to be a vast, unsafe space where con artists rule. The content moderator monitors content such as text messages, images, and videos that social media users upload to the website. These professionals use community guidelines in their workplace to make decisions about what content is appropriate for online storage and what content is dangerous. Content moderators can then remove harmful content to maintain positive and safe online communities.


One of the easiest ways to start a career in IT. If you write good texts and want to broaden your horizons, you can try writing for the IT industry. It can be both technical texts and entertaining articles for the resource. It should be understood that here few people will be interested in beautiful turns of speech and long sentences with a bunch of epithets. It is important to convey the main idea simply and concisely. Well, of course, at least a little understanding of what you write about. There should be no problems with this – at the disposal of a Google copywriter, familiar IT people, communities, and if you know English, then also foreign materials on almost any topic.


The demand for targetologists is growing every year. And 2022 especially stimulated specialists to improve their skills and update their knowledge due to the fact that the usual sites have become inaccessible. A targetologist is a specialist in paid promotion in social networks. He launches advertising campaigns, analyzes hypotheses, and looks for a promising way to get into the hearts and feeds of the target consumer.

Project manager

The PM manages the project from start to finish: draws up a plan for the implementation of tasks, sets priorities, communicates with the customer, and monitors the progress of the work. In addition, the IT project manager solves all problems, explicit and implicit, local and global. This is a very responsible and rather exhausting job because if something goes wrong and deadlines are missed, the project manager will be to blame. On the other hand, the average rate of an IT PM makes you think and turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of the profession. You should go to PMs if you like to communicate with people, organize their work, make responsible decisions, and manage the progress of tasks. But, above all, you need to understand digital processes and understand the work without much difficulty.

Test Engineer

The code written by the programmers must be tested to make sure that the product meets the customer’s expectations. There are a lot of checks – from manually pressing all the buttons and links to assessing performance under high loads and searching for vulnerabilities. You can check the code manually or using special scripts. For the manual version, you need to know the theory well, be able to analyze the requirements for the product, and carefully work out each test case. An automated testing specialist will also need knowledge of scripting programming languages and special frameworks. But in both cases, the desire to improve the quality of the product, exactingness, and perseverance are important. Becoming a tester is easier than a developer, and the choice of fields of activity is huge – from creating games to the automotive or rocket industry.

Graphic Designer

Companies often use visual content to present themselves and their market position. And modern artists – graphic designers, are able to find creative solutions at the intersection of creativity and functionality, meeting the challenges of business. You can learn the basic hard skills of working as a graphic editor and collect a decent portfolio to start in the profession in six months of training.


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UX designer

A specialist in this popular profession is responsible for the easy, convenient, and understandable functionality of the site. The UX designer does everything so that the user, having entered the site, can easily find what he went there for. The purpose of competent functionality is for a person to make a purchase on the site or do something else significant for the company (register, subscribe, download the application, call, etc.). Previously, layout designers and web designers were responsible for user experience, but every year UX design is separated from them.



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