A Message board better than Slack

Slack is a very popular communication application using the familiar message board format. It lets colleagues and friends communicate and brainstorm online.

Slack is used by thousands of teams all over the world. Although it is a great application, is it good enough in an online project management environment?

message board

Message board better than Slack

In every Binfire project, you will find a message board similar to what Slack offers. This is an important distinction between Binfire and Slack’s message boards. All communication and conversations related to a project stay within the project in Binfire.

Remote teams using Agile project management method benefit from awesome communication and collaboration tools. The message board enables the team to have daily virtual scrum meetings.

The following is a list of capabilities we offer on the message board.


In each message board, you can create as many channels as you would like. This lets you create a dedicated channel for every subject in your project. You can manage all channels on the message board.

Invite People to Collaborate

You can add all members of your project or just a subset of them to each channel. This makes messages more focused and discrete to only those who should be in the conversation.

Attach Files and Share

You can attach files to your messages. This way the conversation and its related documents are always in one place. You can also view the files online if they are images or PDF files.

Integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox

In the message board, you have access to files in your Google Drive or Dropbox. This lets you bring all your files into the conversation regardless of where they are stored.

Add comments

You can add comments to the conversation. This makes the conversation more natural and easier to follow. You can even attach files to comments.

Elastic Search

If you have tried searching your email to find something, you are familiar with how frustrating it is to find anything in email. The message board has a fantastic elastic search tool that lets you search by user, topic and more.

One to one conversation

If you need to talk to one person or a few people and keep the conversation confidential you can use the live chat which is available on every page in the application. Live chat is ideal when those you want to talk to are all online. For those offline, the messages will go to their inbox.

Security of your data is paramount 

When discussing your projects and your work online,  security is especially important. Binfire encrypts all communication data and saves them in multiple locations. Your data is always safe and only you and your team members have access to it.

What is discussed in the project stays in the project

Since each project in Binfire has its own message board, all conversation in the project stays in the project. This is a huge confidentiality advantage for many corporations.

Archive channels when you are done

When you are done with a topic like when a burning issue is finally resolved, you can archive the channel. This gives you the peace of mind to have all the conversation if you need them in the future.

Try Binfire’s message board and see how it can help you and your team to communicate and collaborate on your projects.

Dan Smiljanić

Dan is a practitioner of project management and our resident geek. With a background in computer science, Dan is the lead product tester at Binfire. When Dan not writing code, you will probably find him cycling and hiking with friends.

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