MacBook instructions for boost your productivity

One of the worst feelings is when we want to produce crazy ideas, we waste precious working time on routine tasks that could easily be automated if our laptop did these tasks automatically. It’s time to learn how to “pump” performance from a MacBook. Our brains are wired so that complex tasks go into procrastination mode. To avoid this, development should be gradual.

Why optimizing your MacBook is essential and the benefits

Like any other hardware, MacBook also has some pros and cons. The advantages of a laptop with the Apple logo are:

  • quality performance;
  • long battery life;
  • the dedicated fast system;
  • designer look;
  • high mechanical strength;
  • quality screen.

If you’re looking for stylish and durable hardware with simple software, you should definitely go for the MacBook. Of course, Apple laptops have some drawbacks, including:

  • the high price;
  • many paid applications;
  • it can be difficult for first-timers to adapt.

There are many more advantages. It will be easy to be productive with a MacBook. You can significantly improve performance if you remove adware from your Mac. It is easier than it seems, but it will help you to be more focused. You can find the instructions in this post and figure it out in a few waves. You can move on to other Macbook productivity tips when you’ve done that.

Try to start valuing and tracking your time

We complain that we don’t have time but don’t even try to analyze it. It’s about desire. You’ll find the time if you have it. The timekeeping system works like this: 24 hours must be divided into different categories indicating the types of activities. There are several options for this. You can keep a diary, but using Mac productivity tools will be much more convenient.


You often want to scroll through Facebook “only for 5 minutes,” – and later, you realize that you have been stuck on social networks for an hour. The Focus will help with this problem and its solution. It allows you to create the perfect workspace where you can block notifications, sites, and apps that distract you. In this way, you can stay in a “working” state during the day – and not waste time on unimportant things.


Spotlight on Mac is getting better and better with Siri, but it still doesn’t match the Lacona assistant. The developers call it “what Siri should be in macOS.” The program’s capabilities are impressive because it can create reminders and schedule events in the calendar, in addition to the standard search and writing messages by voice. Also, it can turn on music in iTunes, count, translate entire sites and add tasks to the list in the Todoist application.


Good Task is an app that helps you focus on work. Knowing that you always have a carefully constructed checklist with set priorities, deadlines, and notes, it is not so scary that you will find yourself missing a deadline.

This app gives the most simple automation that kills the usual routine. You no longer need to transfer each item and configure a hundred fields manually – GoodTask offers a simplified system for managing cases.

Work on tasks

Although it looks complicated and tedious, this stage can become simple and exciting. You need to know some rules. Break complex tasks into minor starting points, gradually completing and choosing new ones. It reduces procrastination by 3-4 times. Apps can help you with this too.


The multitasking brain begins to “boil” the most when you open links, letters, and files a thousand times a day. Workspaces remember which resources you have to perform tasks, so it launches them in 1 click—the application stores the sites, folders, and files you need in one place. Don’t waste your time searching – work.


Most email applications like to collect everything at once—even more than you’ll use. You do not open some attached files, individual labels, or thematic folders in the mail for months. Because, in reality, you require convenience and a pleasant design from the mail. Boxy has collected all the necessary things and packaged them in a beautiful wrapper, equipping the tool with all the essential functions: messages, reading mode, switching accounts, and a dark theme and support for “hot” keys.

Visualize your future

Start by brainstorming about yourself in 5, 10, or 30 years. Get the picture you’ve been dreaming of. Once there, start relating it to reality. It may seem that you are already on the right path, or you may realize that you are going wrong. In any case, everything can be fixed. Be flexible, and allow yourself to intervene as time goes on. Set goals, achieve them, and change plans over time.


Using this software is a pure pleasure. It’s packed with simple features that even a child can get started. You start by creating a central idea and then create branches by pressing enter. Branches are color-coded and contain text input. You can add images, videos, links, and notes.

There is also a built-in brainstorming tab to come up with new ideas. It looks like a board with stickers attached to it. Overall, this is the best tool for visualizing your plans.


SimpleMind, as the name suggests, is a very easy-to-use software that gets the job done. It also has an iOS client and cloud sync. It has a very colorful interface which is nice to look at. The app also comes with several themes to customize the look of your mind maps. It contains no complicated features, and the synchronization allows you to transfer your work between your Mac and iPhone instantly.


Productivity is a skill that needs to be constantly honed. Achieving success in your career and everyday life is essential. If you stop training, developing skills, and practicing mastery, you will become unproductive sooner than you think. And using a Mac can boost your productivity, and you won’t notice how you’re doing all the tasks.

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Dan is a practitioner of project management and our resident geek. With a background in computer science, Dan is the lead product tester at Binfire. When Dan not writing code, you will probably find him cycling and hiking with friends.

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